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Loi Villarama w/ Kara David
GMAnewsTV: NewsToGo
Mr. Loi Villarama was interviewed by Ms. Kara David in her TV Show NewsToGo prior to the Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton. He was also invited as a guest panelist during the Live Broadcast of GMAnewsTV on the actual wedding day.

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On-the-Day Coordination
Package Rate: P25,000 only
2 Event Managers
4 PROFESSIONAL Coordinators
FREE consultation upon booking
UNLIMITED meetings
FREE Make-up Retouch

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Ku & Iris
Hyatt Hotel & Casino
A lot of tears were shed during their wedding but they were all tears of joy. Filipina Iris Lusica married Korean Ku Son in a civil wedding rites at Hyatt Hotel & Casino with family from the Philippines, Korea and other parts of the Globe present.

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Johnny & Rheina
A wedding in Jakarta, Indonesia 11 days in the making
Our first out-of-the-country wedding. I went to Jakarta 2 weeks before the wedding with only the Hotel and a Photographer booked by the couple. Met with prospective suppliers, found new suppliers, brought in the new florsit/stylist from the Philippines and the rest was history. Click here for the full story.

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Reuben & Theresa
A wedding in Manila 5 weeks in the making
They booked our service a week before Halloween with no church nor reception venue reserved..and their wedding date was DECEMBER 1st. Marvel at their beautiful wedding participated in by the country's best wedding suppliers.

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Marco & Angelica
A Black-themed Destination Wedding
For Filipinos, black is dreaded to be a color-motif for weddings. But this wedding proved it otherwise. See how elegant and dramatic Black is for a destination wedding.
Gerald Anderson's 21st Bday
Kim Chiu's Debut Party
Ruben's Wedding
(Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity 1)

Yeng Constantino 's Debut Party
1st Wedding inside the
Pinoy Big Brother House

 Blog Archive

Happy at 33 (11-19-08)
After the success of the Grand Bridal Shower Party, I couldn' ask for more for my birthday this year. It was like my own birthday party and everyone who attended were my guests. I was so overwhelmed and contented and financially drained hahaha :). Kidding aside, i really had no plans for my birthday because of the bridal shower. But my dear angels didnt let my bday pass without a celebration. They gave me an asalto last night with my closest friends and my family present. At midnight i got text messages with a message number sequence. It was supposed to be 33 messages from 33 people i love but apparently most fell asleep and the others didnt follow instructions so i got confused about the numbers hahahahaha :) Tonight my mom cooked dinner in our house in QC for me and my angels :)

Thank you Lord for the gift of Life, for an amazing family and wonderful set of friends and relatives. There are so many other things that I am blessed with and am very greatful for them. My talents, my angels, our bride and groom clients :) At 33 i can say that I am happy and contented and I have done most of the things i wanted to do but there are still more things now that i want to do for others than myself. I pray that the Big Boss would grant me more time on earth to serve my purpose well and somehow be a blessing to others just as others have blessed me.

The Grand Bridal Shower Party 2008 (11-09-08)
It has been almost 3 years when i first thought of having an event for soon-to-wed brides that is fun, never been done and would be our own version of "corporate social responsibility" project. I envisioned having one big party were all ladies about to say "i do" would come together and celebrate in a grand bridal shower that most married women never expereinced before they got married. It haunted me for 3 years, sleepless nights, brainstorming the program while taking a shower (most great ideas popup in the bathroom which i consider my comfort zone) and just practically talking about my vision to the people i love. I'm a firm believer that everything happens in God's perfect time and this event was no exemption, 3 years was all worth the wait.

The Grand Bridal Shower Party was roughly 2 months in the making. After signs from above and encouragement from dear friends and wedding suppliers Ferdie and Jeng Flores of Megapixels, I and my team decided to push thru with the event only last September 2008 and started to promote it first at The Wedding Expo last Sept 8. The concept was to come up with a party to be attended by soon-to-wed brides and their female entourage members. A Grand Venue,Live Music, Light Effects and Event Styling Set-up, a big Ramp, Food, Drinks, Bridal Gowns and most of all Gorgeous Men were the ingredients i thought of mixing all together for the guests' delight and enjoyment. Above all, I wanted the event to be for a cause. So we invited Bantay Bata 163 to be our lone beneficiary for the event. To add spice and excitement instead of having 1 cake boy I got 12 hunks and called them the "Calendar Boys". All guests needs to vote for a "King of the Night" among the 12 boys. Every P100 that they donate at the Bantay Bata Booth during the event will entitle them to one play money cum raffle coupon which they would use to vote and would also give them a chance to win a 3days-2nights Honeymoon Suite Accommodation at the Boracay Grand Vista Resort & Spa.

With a great vision comes a challenging task of executing the plans and we were at the last quarter. Marketing wise it was a no-no to solicit at that time of the year. Most companies have drained their budget for sponsorship and everyone is preparing for Christmas expenses. But God is so so good! He sends angels when needed the most. Co-presenting the event with WeddingsandLifestyle.com was Boracay Grand Vista Resort & Spa. He made a way for us to use one of the most beautiful event venue in the metropolis, 1Esplanade. Not just one venue but all 3 of their venues were made available for the event. Major sponsors Centertable Catering and Juan Carlo the Caterer provided the food, Megapixels Studio documented the event and made a Lupang Hinirang Video which was wedding inspired, Blue Shots Mobile Bar provided unlimited cocktail drinks and Sound Level made wonders with the Light Effects. Minor Sponsors Royale Flower Shoppe did a breathtaking styling with the ceiling drapes and their floral creations on stage, Belo Medical Group touched us with their promotional items and Gift Certificates, Sensitivity for the beautiful Stage and Ramp. The Donors PhCare who gave products for ALL ladies who attended, Don Robert's bridal Car who sponsored the loot bags, Imagine Nation Photography provided the LCD Projectors and Screens and Konsepto's Fotoloco Picture Booth was a box-office hit! Thank you also to East Digital Photography, Mr. Eddie Bruan, Printed Matter and Patio Victoria. and Special many many many many thanks to Mr. Ammon Velasco for his beautiful Bridal Collection, Sir Jun and Sir Rod of FUSED for the Casual Wear and Private Wear as well as Mr. PJ Arañador of Nautilus Boracay for the Summer Wear and Swimwear that the Calendar Boys wore. And of coures to our 12 Calendar Boys for a magnificent show, thank you guys!

The Grand Bridal Shower Party 2008 was just as I envisioned it to be. An event for a cause and an event that showcased what we, the suppliers who supported and participated, do best. It was a night to remember and would linger in our memories for a long long time. The sight and sound of happy brides and their entourage, sisters and even moms, I can see and hear them still clearly. To date i still receive positive feedback from people who attended the event expressing how much fun they had. And It was, it really was so much FUN. Hope to see you at next year! CLICK HERE to start pop-up slideshow of the official photos of The Grand Bridal Shower Party 2008 courtesy of Megapixels Digital Studio.

Of life and the Life After (07-20-08)
It’s a celebration of life! It’s our beloved Tita Remy’s 60th Birthday which she celebrated with a small party for her friends in the church where she has been serving for the past decades. Everyone in the family circle was present as we all became event coordinators taking care of our Tita’s guests. Present during the party was their eldest sister Tita Cely (Angel Lari’s mom) whom I thought was not supposed to be there because she just recovered from a heart attack more than a month ago, but she forced her daughter Lari to bring her to the party. I remember during Angel Olive’s wedding, I even asked my driver to fetch her from Pandi Bulacan and brought them back home because she really wanted to attend. That’s how “mapilit” our Tita Cely is. During the birthday party she was all jolly, keeping at pace with everyone as if she was in the perfect state of health. She gave the welcome remarks for the start of the short program and she joined every group picture of the family. Though everyone was concerned about her we just enjoyed the moment and tried to make her rest every so often. The party ended and our Tito Totoy offered her a ride home. My mom (Tita Cely and Tita Remy’s sister), Joshua, my partner Akiro and I stayed on together with my other cousins to help Tita Remy bring her gifts to her place.

On our way home I got a phonecall from my cousin Angel Grace. She said Tita Cely was rushed to the hospital because on their way home she had difficulty breathing. She didn’t want to break the news to my mom so she asked me to do it. I tried to organize the words I was about to say to my mom when her fone rang. It was my Tito Totoy on the other line and he told my mom about what happened. We rushed to the hospital. On our way there my mom was praying as she held a rosary in her hand. I was praying too, hoping for the best and expecting the worst. Again mom’s fone rang and they were asking our exact location. My mom kept on asking how Tita Cely was and they kept on replying “basta bilisan nyo”. At that moment my mom turned to me and said “I think Tita Cely is Gone” to which I replied “She’s happy mom, and we all know that”.

As we went down the vehicle I can see our relatives waiting outside the hospital and I heard Angel Lari crying. We didn’t have to hear the bad news as it was flashed before our very eyes. We all broke into tears and my mom insisted that we see Tita Cely. And there she was lying on the stretcher as if she was just sleeping. There was peace in her face, an aura of joy. It was my closest encounter to a beloved who just passed away. My mom embraced her and we had to ask her to leave the room. I took a moment to talk to Tita and told her “Everything will be fine, we will take care of your daughters and grandchildren”

During the funeral, I was asked to deliver a eulogy and sing. During my speech I said: “In my work, I am used to receiving a warm round of applause from the audience. I thought maybe it’s their affirmation that I did my job well or they liked my performance. Today I realized that in life there are a lot of people around us, specially the ones we love, who deserves our applause. It may be one of our ways of appreciating and thanking them for everything that they have done for us. I know Tita Cely has touched our lives in a positive way and I know everyone agrees that she truly deserves a big hand for a job well done here on earth.” The crowd applauded and I sang. The first and last time I was singing a song for dear Tita Cely. To me she deserves more than a resounding applause, she deserves a standing ovation.

June Coordinator (06-30-08)
It’s that time of the year again when most television shows would feature the topic “Weddings”. This month, I was fortunate to be invited to appear in a number of shows in both the Kapamilya and Kapuso channels: Unang Hirit (ch7); Kabuhayang Swak na Swak (ch2) and Ang Pinaka (ch11). I hope I was able to portray my roles well and looking forward to June 2009 for, hopefully, more TV appearances (naks! Hehehe).

To Bora, To Bora (06-23-08)
Another ambush vacation/business trip to Boracay as typhoon Frank leaves the country. I’ve seen the island at it’s best and I didn’t mind seeing it at its worse…NO electricity, NO ATM machines, almost NO sand to see by the shoreline, NO sun! but still it was worth it because I had my much needed rest and was able to touch base with the local suppliers. Though I slept most of the time and had little time going around I could say it was a relatively productive trip, business wise. Click here for my complete trip chronicle.

Angel Olive Weds Amidst the Storm (06-22-08)
It was one of the strongest typhoon that has hit our country. Typhoon Frank literally took the Philippines by storm. There was a nationwide brownout, flood, strong rain and wind. But it never ruined one of the most important day in our lives as our dear Angel Olive said “I Do” to her groom Jojo.

She was worried. Anybody in that situation would have had a nervous break down but she was calm and tried to be cheerful still. While I was doing her make-up and the rest of the 11 heads (all relatives of mine), I kept on praying for a miracle to happen. I know the sun won’t shine but I was praying for light...light from electric powered equipments that were already being set-up by Sound Level. It was supposed to be a showcase of what we, as event coordinators, and the other suppliers from Manila, does best but it would only be complete with electricity running thru the cables. As I was about to make the call to give the generator set a “go” signal to come to Bulacan, the miracle happened. Loud music was heard, colorful lights playing in the ceiling, and the spotlight focused towards our direction.

The rain continued pouring and so was our positive spirit to make it an event to remember for Angel Olive. And it was! From the walk down the aisle as the bride was met by the little bride who handed over her bouquet in the middle right before she met her parents half-way thru the altar, to the touching speech by the bride and groom in which most people were brought to tears as the sister of the bride went up stage to give them flowers and a big hug. Everything that was planned for happened. Only regret was most of the guests from the flooded areas of Bulacan and from Manila was not present to witness the wedding. But as I always say, everything happens for a reason, maybe it was meant to be an intimate event fit for an Angel. Special thanks to Tito Edward Teng for Olive’s bridal gown, my mom’s evening gown and my nephew Joshua’s barong. Thank you Sound Level and the guys from Megapixels. FRANKly speaking you people are the best!

Our Girl KIM CHIU turns 18 (04-29-08)
Enchanting...that word best describes the debutante and her debut party thrown by her Kimerald World Fans. I and my angels were commissioned to organize Kim Chiu's Debut working on the theme "Mystical Garden". So after conceptualizing on how to execute the said theme, I waved my magic wand and seeked help from very reliable and trusted suppliers, all of which did wonders with their expertise to come up with a party fit for a princess.

I would like to take this opportunity to give Many Many Thanks to Atty. Lois Mimay of Kimerald World for the trust and confidence that you and your group gave to me and my angels, to Secret Garden (Party Venue), Megapixels Digital Studio (Official Photo-Video), Mr. Edward Teng (Fabulous Gown), Tita Gina Galang of Royale Flower Shoppe (Flowers and Event Styling), Dick of Sound Level (Lights & Sounds), Dragon Fireworks (Indoor & Outdoor Fireworks), Fotoloco by Konsepto (Souvenirs), SJT Strings Ensemble (String Quintet), Mrs. Valera of Center Table Catering (Tiffany Chairs), Vienna Cakes (Cake and Mini Cakes) and (Live Butterflies). It was a pleasure working with all of you...hanggang sa muli!

And for you dear Kim, a lot of people, young and old, admire your talents, beauty and grace, but most of all your kind heart. To wherever the road of success may lead you, may stardom be an instrument for you to continue touching other people's life in a positive way. Happy Birthday Kimmy!

Our new OFFICE (03-01-08)
Today is our first day in our new office :) We are now located at Unit C Mezzanine Floor Globe Asiatique Tower I (GA Tower I atop Pizza Hut) Edsa-Boni, Mandaluyong City. It's right in front of the MRT Boni Station so it's easier to find and more accessible for you our dear clients. Parking is never a problem because you can park till Basement 5 :) You may now call us at 986-5162 and 719-0495.

Maraming Salamat Po! (02-17-08)
We are so happy and honoured to receive the Wedding Excellence Award given by The Wedding Library for being The Most Sought-After Wedding Supplier (Coordinators Category) at the Weddings & Debuts 2007 Bridal Fair. The trophy was awarded last February 17, 2008 during the closing ceremony of Weddings and Debut Fair 2008 at the MegaTrade Hall.

To date, this bridal fair is the most-attended and sought-after bridal fair in Megamall. I have joined this fair since it's first run and i never failed to join it from there onwards. It was Ms. Winnie, the owner of The Wedding Library, who opened my eyes to the big potentials of the wedding industry when she asked me to do hosting job for her first bridal fair at The Big Tent before it transferred to its new home The Megatrade Hall.

Now, I'm so proud to see the fair grow and reach farther heights. To all our clients, old and new, maraming salamat po sa pagtitiwala! This will truly be one of our inspiration to do better in our service event after event.

Ruben: The 1st Male Big Winner of PBB (01-05-08)
Backstage at the Araneta, i got a Production Pass from Ms. Mercee.I came from a wedding but i was luccky I arrived just in time for the announcement of winners.
The suspense was in the air inside the jumpacked venue. People were cheering for their respective bets while the stage area was equally packed with busy production staff, families and friends of the housemates ready to welcome their kapamilyas and sponsors ready to give out the giant checks.

The moment of truth came and one by one Toni Gonzaga announced the names of the runner-ups and eventually named Ruben as the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 Big Winner. I was very happy because he deserved to win. Likewise, i am very happy and honored to be a part of his wedding. Congrats Ruben!

Be Good 2008! (01-01-08)
I’It feels good waking up after having a good night sleep. I must say I rarely experience that because of my crazy sleeping time. I think I started the year right after all :) Mom woke me up thru a phonecall reminding me that we have a lunch reunion in Bulacan, so I got off from my bed, took a shower, drove to pick up mom and my titas who spent new year’s eve in my parent’s house and drove again going to Bulacan. I knew it would be fun like it was every year. And indeed after having lunch and they started playing games we just spent the whole afternoon just laughing, taking pictures, eating and giving our Christmas presents to each other. All the time I was just observing, I never hosted nor participated in any game. I was the “awarding committee” declaring the winners and giving their prizes. For a change, it was a breather from the task I’ve been commissioned to do year round in all the weddings we handled. It was a rare experience being a guest in a party and I must say it felt weird but it was fun.

I pray that 2008 will be a better year for everyone in the family circle. I pray that my team and I will continue to be of help to our clients in realizing their dream weddings. I pray that I would be able to realize my own dreams as well. I pray for complete healing for my mom and those who are sick and afflicted. And I pray for peace of mind and heart of everyone. Be good to us 2008 :).

New Year's Eve sa bahay ni kuya (12-31-07)
I’ve always had fond memories of new year’s eve and tonight will be equally memorable as i spend it in my house which my angels call "Bahay ni Kuya". Watching the sight of all the fireworks dancing in the sky in every window of my condo unit as everybody waits for the clock to strike 12 was a start of data entries in my memory bank. As I bid 2007 goodbye, I look back at the year that was and anticipated the coming year full of hope. 2007 was relatively not an easy year for me and my family but through hardwork, faith and love we surpassed all the trials. Wedding wise it was one of the best. Most, if not all, of our clients were raving about our service and it inspires us to do better next year. The journey towards customer service excellence soars higher in 2008.

1st Pinoy Housemate to wed on TV (12-29-07)
This is it! 3 Weddings to juggle in one day and my day literally began yesterday. Straight from a wedding in Batangas, after more than 3 hours of driving, i went right in front of my PC for last minute docs needed for Ruben's wedding. It was almost midnight when i went to Big Brother's house. To my surprise the reception was moved from the activity area to the dining area inside the house. I made a new layout, met with the art department guys then went straight to Dangwa to shop for flowers for the entourage boquets, church and reception floral arrangements. 6am the church was open and at 8am i started working on enhancing the church styling. 10am i was back at the Big Brother house for the final briefing. I left at 11am for my next wedding and left my angels Ghen and Grace to supervise the pre-wedding activities, the church ceremony and the reception. I was confident that my angels could pull it off even without me around and they didn't let me down. I got a thank you message from the Executive Producer on my mobile fone saying that everything went smoothly with the help of my angels. I can't wait to see the wedding episode on TV.

Rush Wedding Preps (12-27-07)
With only one meeting and two days to go i took the task of handling Pinoy Big Brother Housemate Ruben's wedding. With only 16 pax to deal with it was relatively easy, but what made it difficult was the pressure that with so little time we have to execute all plans for a wedding to be seen around the globe. Exciting!

My interview by Ms. Kara David for 24 Oras (12-26-07)
I got a call at 11:30 am from Ms. Kara David of 24 Oras asking for an interview for the 6pm news. At 2pm we met at Crowne Plaza Hotel and had the interview at the bridal showroom. She asked me why December is the wedding month in the Philippines and not June. She also asked me regarding the isuue of the NSO requiring all wedding officiants, including priests, to undergo a seminar about marriage in the country. I hope my answer to the questions would land me to the top 3 finalist hihihihi but i forgot the 'World Peace" line ahahaha.

Christmas time (12-24-07)
As usual im in a cramming mode for christmas shopping. I spent the whole day at the mall for this is the only day without an event since last dec 14. Surprisingly, there were less people in the mall as i expected so i was able to hop from one mall to the other but time was really short so i was only able to buy gifts for my family and relatives spending christmas with us. Maligayang pasko po and may christmas live in our hearts all throughout the year :)

Party for a cause (12-10-07)
Last December 1, Pia, my debutante client, celerated her 18th birthday at Celebrity Sports Plaza. She asked her guests to give monetary donations in lieu of gifts. All the money she got was used to throw a christmas party for the children with cancer at the PGH. At 4pm today my angels and I arrived at PGH to party with the kids and it was so touching to see these little ones laughing and playing games as if they were not afflicted. I was asked by Pia's mom to render a song but i ended up singing 3 songs due to insistent public demand hehe :) It just feels good being able to give back to others as a way of glorifying God for all the talents and blessings he has bestowed upon us. It was a perfect breather as we handle 26 weddings this month.

The celebration continues (11-20-07)
Time to treat my angels to our favorite hang-out place Mugen Bar. Mocha performed and we had a fun evening together with our partners. To have more stickers on my card, i treated everybody at starbucks afterwards.

Its my Birthday! (11-19-07)
As early as 12:14am i started receiving surprises. After i paid for the cups of coffee that i bought for my friends, the cashier told me that i got a specially marked receipt that would entitle me to a free drink after i answer the survey online. They say it appears randomly and is machine generated. Lucky me! My friends inisisted that they will bring me home so i gave in to their demands not knowing that my angels prepared a mini surprise party. what a way to start the day. After a few hours of sleep angel ela woke me up and had me blow the candles on my favorite Alex Franco cake. The whole day was spent as normal as possible with tons of workload matched with shots of alcoholic drinks from partying angels and friends. To cap the night i had dinner with my family and played bowling.

Sis-in-law was rushed to the hospital (10-25-07)
I slept at 6am today coz i had to finish some web stuff project. At 7am my sis-in-law tried to wake me up but apparently i just replied and slept again. She's having a difficult pregnancy that's why as per doctor's advise complete bed rest is needed. This morning she asked our house companion to accompany her to the hospital coz she cant bear the pain anymore. Ela woke me up at 9am coz the doctor called telling her that sis-in-law will be admitted and we need to rush to the hospital coz they wont admit her without the deposit. Hayy i never thought it happens in real life kala ko sa movies and stage plays lang sha nangyayari. Anyway, to make the long story short, off we went to the hospital and i was praying really hard coz my nephew joshua has been praying for a younger sibling for years now. The last thing i wanted to happen was to hear a news about a miscarriage because it breaks my heart everytime i hear about it happening to friends and relatives, what more from my own family. God is so good! After the ultrasound the doctor said that the baby is okay but medication, strict diet and more ingat is needed so the mom had to stay in the hospital for a while. Please include our little angel in your prayers :)

My baby Mommy Sabrina gave birth (10-08-07)
My pomeranian doggie Sabrina gave birth to 4 cute puppies but unfortunately the last one died :( now i have a total of 7 dogs (6 pomeranians and 1 japanese spitz) no plans yet about the 3 new puppies but for sure we'll be keeping the black one :)

Angel Ela finally has a new Prince! (09-27-07)
I bet this would be a major headline had we have a newsletter for all our clients and friends. Yes everyone, after ___ years, angel ela now has a prince charming standing 6 feet 4 inches tall, a commercial basketball player with good looks and a killer smile :) (naks sobrang benta ehehehe) check out her friendster hurry! :)

A new fone! (09-22-07)
I was so surprised when Ela handed over to me my new celfone! It was so shala! A dopod unit thanks to Ela and Daphne girl nagmukha akong mamahalin sa celfone ko hihihihi (No Price Increase on our Rates dont worry) hehe :) Im not a techy gadget person but i just love my new fone :)

I got my sim back (09-05-07)
The person who got my fone was kind enough to send me back my sim. Though he/she didn't return my fone im very thankful that i got my sim card back because all of my friends and clients knows this number. Unfortunately, majority of the contact numbers are saved on my lost fone and not on the sim card so guys please bear with me and don't be surprised if when you send me a text message i reply back with "HUS DIS PLS?" :) you may reach me AGAIN at 0917-7440949 :)

I LOST MY FONE (08-29-07)
Dear friends....i lost my cel fone this afternoon...in the meantime you can direct all your text messages or call MS. ELA at 0917-9712275...I will post my new number after i get my new phone :) thanks!

All set for Wedding Expo Philippines 11th Edition (08-28-07)
Wedding Expo Philippines 11th Edition to be held on September 1-2, 2007 promises to be even bigger and better with now more than 280 wedding suppliers participating. We also have a booth located at the Entertainment Zone so please do check us out. And also don't forget to grab your FREE COPY of the My Wedding Network Pocket Drectory at the My Wedding Network booth located at the main entrance. See you all this weekend!

Our First Family trip to Boracay (07-23-07)
We were scheduled to go to Bora last summer but due to mom's surgery we had to forgo of our plans. After mom was clear from her CTscan result i opted to go out of town to cheer her up and push through with our forgone summer vacation. As they say, better late than never :) so I checked my sked and bought tickets bound for Boracay. It was almost a family affair but unfortunately my dad can't come with us because of his business (we left Monday and returned to Manila on a thursday). Anyway, we promised him that we will take good care of mom and follow her doctor's advise not to let her swim. So off to bora we go: (in photo below from left to right) me & my Mom, my bro Marvin, his son Joshua, my partner Akiro, Angel Ela and Cristy and joshua's nanny Joy. How we wished dad was with us, but its ok, coz if dad was around Joshua and Mom wouldnt have had enough time to play and enjoy at the beach kasi may pulis (si daddy) hehe :) I've been to Bora several times but it is my first time to go there with my family. We made the most of our 4 days in the island. It was also my first time to go up Mt. Luho and it was really a sight to behold. More than anything im so happy to see my mom enjoying our vacation and spending quality time with her apo and with us :) keeping up with our cave escapades and frequent visits to the shops and stalls at D Mall. Back here in Manila its work work work again to save for our next summer adventure ;)

Pinoy Big Brother at Hundred Islands (07-08-07 )
I thought the party ended last sunday but i was surprised to receive an invitation from Ms. Merce to join the overnight PBB outing at Hundred Islands. I said YES! I never got the chance to sleep the night before though coz I came from an evening wedding. Nonetheless, i used the travel time from PBB house to Hundred Islands for a power nap :). We left Manila at 3am and arrived in Pangasinan at 7am. After breakfast we started the day by hopping from one island to the other. We had lunch at the Pinoy Big Brother House in Governor's Island (the one where Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson was housed during the last leg of PBB Teen Edition). After which it was JUMPing time inside a cave at Marcos Island. The night was capped by sing-along and videoke while having boones till we dropped. Early the next day it was our turn for the intro dive (the housemates had their turn during the first day) I love snorkeling but i never thought that diving was more fun :) I saw the giant clams and Nemo! It was like a garden under water! I can't wait to see my underwater pictures :)

Pinoy Big Brother Thanksgiving Party (07-01-07)
A day after the Grand Night at the Araneta Coliseum, PBB threw a thanksgiving and victory party for a very successful Season 2. I was invited to attend the said event not knowing that i would be hosting the program :) I accepted the task and enjoyed the rest of the evening. It was fun partying with the staff and crew as well as with the other guests (families and friends of the housemates and past housemates were there to celeberate with the season 2 housemates). Special mention to Ms. Maribeth Bichara who stayed throughout the party (salamat sa pag coach hehehe). Everyone who joined me on stage rendered a song with the live band as accompaniment. It was a night of songs and dancing till the wee hours of the morning :)

The First Wedding inside the Pinoy Big Brother House (06-23-07)
Another First in the history of Pinoy Big Brother! A real wedding happened sa loob ng bahay ni kuya and I, together with the other wedding suppliers i harrassed (hehe), had the opportunity to be part of ths historic event. The lucky couple was Jayson and Elvie from Cagayan. They were chosen among the hundreds of couples who wrote about their love story to Big Bro. Roughly, we only had 1 week to prepare. Though pressured i made sure I enjoyed it from the prearation till the wedding day. Except for the rain, eveything went smooth and as planned.

Last friday, the couple had their pictorial with the housemates and immediately after i got the pictures i designed the artwork for their souvenir magnetic picture card made by Konsepto. I also made the inivitation myself :) On the day of their wedding, Megapixels Digital Studio took care of documenting their precious moments.The entourage flowers and ceremony setup was courtesy of Royale Flower Shoppe. Romantic music was provided by SJT Strings. The elegant reception setup and sumptuous food was from Town's Delight The Caterer. The beautiful wedding cake was made by the mom of Kris Aquino (the writer) and the vintage bridal car from Don Robert. Click on the pictures below for a slideshow.

Thank you very much to all my fellow wedding suppliers and congratulations for a job well done :) Congrats too to all the housemates Bea, Mickey, Wendy, Gee-ann, Bodie, Bruce and Nell for being efficient "wedding coordinators".

Mom had her 1st CTscan (06-20-07)
Last June 15, 2006 mommy had her CTscan and she's very happy because the doctor said she was still clear from re-growth of the bad cells :) Next session will be on December 15, 2007

Mom undergoes major operation (04-23-07)
After 4 days in the hosital and a series of tests done on her, the doctors decided to have mom undergo major surgery to determine the cause of bleeding. The opertaion took more than 4 hours and a 13cm mass cyst was removed from her small intestine. She was already conscious when i left the hospital. Biopsy result to be released on friday. Plese include mommy in your prayers.

Mom was rushed to the hospital (04-18-07)
Since last week she wasn't feeling well and today she felt severe pain in her abdomen. dad rushed her to the hospital and was immediately admitted. I hope everything is okay. I love you mom :) get well soon :)

It's ZOOBic escapade for Holy Week (04-06-07)
For the past two weeks i've been planning and scouting for the best place to go for the holy week. A nice vacation for the family is what i've been wanting (and saving for) all this time. But i think luck isn't on my side this time. All hotels and resorts i called are already fully booked. Gosh! i think i should start booking for next year :) anyway i had to content myself with good old Subic and it was no regret. Together with my nephew joshua and his dad (my bro) Marvin and my partner Akiro we spent the whole day like little kids off for an out-of-town adventure. We went o Zoobic safari and we enjoyed having pictures with the tigers, the camel, the ostriches and the crocodiles...oh the last one is far below the pit though :) then we had our late lunch at Gerry's Grill by the sea shore and enjoyed the site of the sun and the sand flocked by a lot of people doing various water activities. Joshua wanted to swim but infortunately it wasnt part of the itinerary so we dont have our swimming clothes in the van. So to brighten up his mood we went duty-free shopping before heading back to Manila. Too bad mom was sick that time so she and dad wasn't able to join us. There's always a next time.

TV guesting for Pia Hontivero's SHOPTALK (02-08-07)
Three days ago i received a phone call from a staff of ANC's TV Show SHOPTALK hosted by Ms. Pia Hontiveros. The topic was about events management and i was side by side with two other seasoned event organizers (sori i'm bad with names..forgot). I was very uncomfortable because i had a bad cough that day. But prayers makes wonders and mapayapa kong naitawid ang question and answer portion :)

Christmas Party Inside the Academy (12-18-06)
I attended the Christmas Party for the staff, crew and everyone who stayed inside the Big Brother House and Pinoy Dream Aacademy yesterday (coz it's almost 4am now hehe). I was late coz I had a wedding at Fernwood. When i arrived, they were playing a game ala "deal or no deal" then followed by song numbers from some teachers and scholars. I was showing Yeng her album during her debut party when a surprise call came from Ms. Merce telling me that im gonna be hosting the remaining segments of the program with Chad and then with Yeng. Though a little nervous how could i resist having that moment. So I gladly accepted the task and enjoyed the program till the end.

After the program I roamed around the academy chit-chatting with new-found friends. But the most unbelieveable thing that happened to me that night, aside from hosting the party, was when i had a 1-on-1 moment with Teacher Mon (The tall guy behind the white grand piano inside the music room) I saw him playing the piano inside the music room so i joined him and aksed if i could sing a song (para alam ko yung feeling ng mga scholars pag may voice session with him hehehe). He was playing the song "What Matter's Most" so i sung the first line then he stopped and asked if i sing coz i sounded good daw (naks! hehe) so i told him i sing for my clients during wedding receptions. Then he continued playing the piano. In the middle of the song i saw tears falling down his cheeks, i was thinking if im gonna stop or continue singing but he said "go on" and so I did. Then scholar Joan entered the room and gave Teacher Mon her gift and a big hug because she saw that teacher Mon was crying. After finishing the song i requested for a fast tune to change the mood inside the room and the rest of the scholars and staff on by one joined the group singing which lasted till 3am. I went home with high adrenalin and couldnt get over the experience of jamming with the PDA family.

Yeng's Dream Night and other PDA Grand Dream Night Churvas (12-16-06)
Yahooooo! I was shouting with the rest of the crowd in Araneta as Mr. Gabby Lopez announced that Ms. Yeng Constantino is the Grand Star Dreamer. More than that glorious moment the whole show was one of the best I've ever seen. The National Anthem video shown on the GIANT video-wall was superb. The production numbers specially that of The Company when they made a rendition of JR's "Kada Uli Hilot" was a blast! Lucky me I was given a Production Pass (courtesy of Ms. Merce) that's why I saw most of the things that were happening backstage and everything happening on stage because i was right in front. It was indeed Yeng's shining moment, the beginning of a new and exciting life as an instant celebrity. Go Girl! I wish you all the best! kaya mo yan...hawak kamay!

Yeng's Debut Inside the Academy (12-04-06)
After only a week to prepare, Yeng's debut party inside the Pinoy Dream Academy was a Triple Platinum HIT! It was awesome partying with all the scholars, the teachers, Hale Band, and Yengs family and friends. The whole week of meeting in the wee hours of the morning and coordinating with the staff and crew of the show definitely paid-off. It was an unforgettable experience being like an instant Floor Director complete with the headset gadget during the whole time that the party was being aired LIVE. Im so happy for Yeng because most, if not all, of the things in her wish list which she told me during our meeting last week with HeadMaster Jim Paredes when i entered the academy were granted to her. Thank you very much to Direk Lauren Dyogi, to Executive Producer Ms Marce, Marivic and to Ms. Mau, to Sir Albert and Ms Peng and the rest of the Story Editors, to the Production staff Janiz and Corrs, you guys are so great to be with and your love and dedication to your work is so amazing. Kayo ang mga workforce sa likod ng Pangarap :)

"Before I DO" Bridal Fair at Megamall (11-26-06)
Congratulations to Summer Carullo and to the rest of her team for staging a FUN and succssful bridal fair at Mega Trade Hall yesterday and today. I enjoyed jamming and sharing the stage with my chummy chummy Chacha and Mr. Andrew Que. It was an out-of-the-ordinary fair filled with musical entertainment and happy suppliers who just enjoyed the two-day event. Sa uulitin sister Summer!

Not Just Another Birthday (11-19-06)
Today I'm a year older but unlike my previous birthdays this time i celebrated it with a bang! I threw a party for my relatives and friends at the poolside of the condo and asked them to come in their most fabulous PINK outfit. Thank you very much to all who graced the affair and celebrated with me my 18th (!?) birthday. Special thanks to Jeng of Megapixels for the AVP & the wonderful photos (can't wait to see the album hehehe) and to Tita Gina Galang of Royal Flower Shoppe for the flowers and the nice set-up, to Edward for the sound system, and to my dear angels for all the surprises. Thank you to all my friends and wedding suppliers who sent their presents though they were'nt present. I want you to know that im still accepting gifts so you could still send them in hehehe :) Maraming Maraming Maraming thank you po!

Back from CEBU (09-22-06)
Im back from another "ambush" vacation in the beautiful island of Bantayan in Cebu. I checked my sked last weekend and decided to take a break. I opted to have an adventure trip and wanted to go to a place frequently visited by tourists. So i decided to explore the islands of Cebu and also visit my long-time beloved friend Mama Ghie whom i've promised to visit for the past 2 or 3 years but failed to do so because of the hectic schedule. Last Sunday (09-17-06) at 8:30 pm, I bought four tickets bound for Cebu on Monday (09-18-06) 5am flight with a return flight scheduled yesterday (09-21-06). I was with my partner Akiro, angel Ela and bespren Gene. We arrived in Cebu 6am and met Mama Ghie to plan our itinerary for the next four days. It was only then than we chose Bantayn to be our temporary home for three days and go back to the city on the third day to spend our last night before going back to Manila on the fourth day. So off we went to the terminal where we took a van that brought us to the port where we took a ferry going to Bantay Island. It was a sight to behold, the white sand, the smiles of the Cebuanos, a "kept-secret" ambiance of the place because of the pristine blue waters. We spent our first day in Budyong Resort then transferred to Sta. Fe Beach Club the following day. The resort is home to the famous Ogtong Cave situated in the middle of the Beach Club. We also took time to visit the St. Peter and Paul Parish Church which is believed to be the oldest church in the Visayas region. On our third day we went back to the City and Mama Ghie treated us for a night-out at 22nd Street Comedy Bar. On our last day, before going to the airport, Mama Ghie again treated us out for lunch at Krua Thai. Im so excited for Summer 2007 coz i promised to treat my family for a Vacation in Bora. But for now I'm energized to work work work and sav save save for our next "adventure"!

Wedding Expo Philippines 9th Edition (08-31-06)
It's Wedding Expo time once again and we're very excited because it will be held in a bigger venue. We hope to see all of your there. Do drop by our booth (thanks to Our Home and Dimensione furnitures! hehe!) and get a glimpse of our latest Audio-Visual Presentation (AVP) made by Megapixels Photography.

We have 2 booths in the fair. Booth #91 (or is it #97?) along the Wedding Coordinator Zone which i share with my angels' biz 'Angels and the Chocolate Fountain' and Booth #128 located in the Entertainment Zone (in front of My Wedding Network booth designed by Tita Gina Galang of Royal Flower Shop). I hope to see you there!

Fashion Shoot and Sam Milby (08-30-06)
My mega bestfriend Gene joined the team for NEW services that we would be rendering in the coming months. One of which is a new kind of pre-event/pre-nuptial shoot concept for brides and grooms who are tired of the typical and stereotypical pre-nup photos. Today we conceptualized and directed a fashion shoot for my debutante client Chin de Vera's pictorial at the Megapixel Studio and everyone just had so much fun. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Im scheduled to interview Sam Milby tonight for myweddingnetworl.com's Dream Wedding section but i was so focused with the fashion shoot so i wasnt able to make it to Alabang. Tsk tsk....im sked to meet him on Friday...i just hope it won't have any conflict with my ingress sked for the Wedding Expo at the PICC Forum.

Global Excellence Award for Filipino Achievers (07-31-06)
I would like to thank Golden Globe Institute Foundation Inc. for the Most Outstanding Professional host/Stage Artist Award that i received during the 2006 Global Excellence Awards for Filipino Achievers Awards Night held at the U.P. Bahay ng Alumni.

Perfect Beginnings Year 3 at the Megatrade Hall (06-11-06)
Im happy to be a part of this event coz i've been hosting this Bridal Fair from the beginning. And every year it grows bigger and better. As a wedding Coordinator I was able to book a number of clients during the fair and im still receiving inquiries from brides who visited my booth :)

Philippine Wedding Summit a BIG Success (06-04-06)
The biggest and grandest five-star hotel bridal fair was indeed a big success. Most of the prospective clients we met are 2007 brides and grooms preparing early for their specil day. As a Wedding Coordinator exhibitor and event partner (myweddingnetwork was the official online event partner) we are very happy and satisfied with the turn-out of the event. Congrats Themes and Motifs! Sa uulitin :)

Back from BORA (03-23-06)
Im back from an "ambush" vacation in the beautiful isaland of Boracay. I had to queeze it in my busy schedule to keep my sanity :) hehe. It was also a time to recharge my creative juices coz im near braindead level. I remember when i was working for Edsamail as an online creative designer i would make it a point to go to Subic every other month to relax and recharge, because the sight of the ocean and the mountains refreshes my mind and spirit. After that four-day view of the white sand, the marvelous sunset, the boundless ocean and awsome bodies in the beach...im very much eager to get back to work to save for my next trip :)

Our site has a new face!(02-20-06)
I uploaded this beta version of our new website in time for the Weddings and Debut 2006 Bridal Fair in Megamall. A lot more pics and testimonials will be added in the tstimonials and make-up section in the coming days so please do visit us again

Weddings and Debut Fair Starts Today (02-17-06)
The much awaited annual fair organized by The Wedding Library starts today at the SM Megatrade Hall 2. The fair will run until Sunday, February 19, 2006. Being an affiliate supplier of The Wedding Library, we have a booth located near the stage area and I will be doing the voice-over job today and on Sunday. Hope to see you at the fair!

All set for Wedding Expo Philippines 8th Edition (02-16-06)
It's all systems go for the country's grandest and biggest Bridal Fair done twice every year. Wedding Expo Philippines 8th Edition to be held on March 4 and 5, 2006 at the NBC Tent at Fort Bonifacio promises to be even bigger and better with now more than 200 wedding suppliers participating. We also have a booth located at the Entertainment Zone so please do check us out.

Weddings this week (02-13-06)
I have to take a break at the Bridal Fair in Megamall on Saturday to supervise the wedding of Uly Aquino and his beloved Mayet. Ceremony will be held at San Antonio de Padua Parish and reception follows at Vivere Suites.

Events this week (02-12-06)
As part of JobsMania School tour sponsored by PLDT Vibe, JobsDB.com, and Kaisa Consulting Company I will be giving a Career Talk at Siena College and De La Salle-Araneta on February 15, 2006.

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